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Never forget the victims and families of the unprovoked act of war against America on September 11, 2001

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Honor Guard Commanding Officer
The Honor Guard is continuously supported by the Chief of Police
Chief John R. Llewellyn


Welcome to the Rockland Police Honor Guard web site

Rockland Police Honor Guard with Chief Llewellyn Memorial Day Parade 2008
(L/R Front Row ~ Ofc. Hurley, Sgt. Shallies, Ofc. O'Connor, Ofc. S. Somers, Chief J. Llewellyn, Ofc. S. Llewellyn.
Ofc. Casper, Sgt. Pigeon. Back Row L/R ~ Ofc.Coakley, Ofc. Simpson, Ofc. R. Somers, Ofc. Byers, Lt. Ashton)


Every 57 hours a Law Enforcement Officer is killed in the line of duty.

On average 150 Law Enforcement Officers are killed each year.

This year over 160 names of Law Enforcement Officers will be added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

This page is dedicated to Officers who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice while serving and protecting their community.




Mission Statement

The Rockland Police Honor Guard has been established to represent the Rockland Police Department, its officers and families at police funerals, parades and other ceremonial occasions. It is our intention to assist all officers and their families during their time of emotional duress from the loss or debilitating injury of their loved one.



This web site will keep you up to date on all the upcoming events of the RPD Honor Guard unit and informed about the success of our past events.

We also have some great links to other sites you may want to check out.

We are currently working on a Police Officer Poetry Page... please come view this page. i

Please visit the Rockland Police Department at our home page.

Visit our newest web site for the Rockland Police K-9 "Boyar, Jessie and Steve"

If you are interested in information on Law Enforcement Survivors Support, PTSD or Suicide, visit Sgt. Jackson's profile page at members and click on his link. Follow the links in his profile.


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